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Katie & Ryder is a Friendship between Ryder and Katie. Fans have adopted names such as Rytie and Kader.

Canon Trivia

Season 1

  • In "Pups Save a Train", when Ryder told Katie to tell the engineer to get this train going, Katie told Ryder she would, but she was worried. Ryder looked worried and said, "worried?". This was because Cali was on top of the moving train.
  • At the end of the episode, Ryder and Katie were sitting with each other and Katie thanked Ryder again and Ryder told her if she was in any trouble, just yelp for help. Then after that, while all the pups were playing, Ryder was pushing Katie on the swing.
  • In "Pups Get a Lift", Katie and Cali were stuck on a chair lift on Jakes Mountain and Jake calls Ryder to tell him what happened. Ryder asked if they are okay and Katie told Jake to tell Ryder that she was okay.
  • When Ryder, Marshall, and Rocky arrive to the location of the incident, Ryder told Katie to not worry and that they will bring her down. Katie thanked Ryder and she felt a lot better.
  • After that, Rubble and Ryder made a snow stair case up to Katie and Cali and Ryder climbed up the steps and Katie said, "Yay Ryder!". Then Ryder grabbed Katie and brought her off of the chair lift and then held her hand to safely take her down.
  • At the end of the episode, Katie thanks Ryder for saving her and Cali and Ryder as usual says his catchphrase that if she is ever in trouble, just yelp for help. After that, Ryder and Katie were snowboarding down the hill.
  • In "Pups Save a Bat", Ryder and Katie were playing with a frisbee with Mashall and Katie really enjoyed it because they played all day without the pups having to go to an emergency, but right after that, Ryder gets a call from Mayor Goodway and it was an emergency.

Season 2

  • In "Pups Save a Stowaway", Katie lost Cali and right when she found out, Ryder found Cali and right when Katie called Ryder to tell him about her missing Cali, Ryder said, "Hey Katie. Um, are you missing Cali?" Katie told Ryder yes and that she couldn't find her anywhere and asked him how did he know and Ryder showed Cali on Everest's snow plow and said, "Just a hunch". Ryder told her also to not worry, that he will save Cali, and get her home sefely.
  • Near the end of the episode, Ryder and the pups saved Cali and took her back to Katie and Katie was so happy and relieved that Cali was safe and thanked Ryder.
  • In "Pups Save the Pop-Up Penguins", Ryder and Katie were trying to catch a Penguin so they find out ways to get the Penguin into a pet carrier.

Season 3

  • In "Pups Save Friendship Day", When everyone was singing the friendship song at the end of the episode, Ryder and Katie sang to each other and also leaned on each other while Ryder sings, "I'm a friend to you".
  • In "Pups Save a Dragon", the pups including Ryder and Katie were rehearsing a play and when Skye (as a witch) said to Katie (as a Princess), "You'll only wake up to true loves first kiss." Ryder (as a Prince) was hesitant and moved the top of his shirt around and said, "Kiss?" Then Katie peaks at Ryder with one eye, then Ryder continues to say, "I thought I was only supposed to slay the dragon." Katie was giggling. because she wanted to see Ryder's reaction to kissing Katie and she saw that Ryder looked very nervous.
  • In "The Pups' Winter Wonder Show", almost near the end of the episode, the winter wonder show was about to start and Katie asked Carlos where Ryder was and Carlos didn't know and Katie said she hoped he got there soon.

Season 4

  • In "Pups Party with Bats", Rubble played "Gotta Scratch" on his mixer and Ryder and Katie were doing the scratch together.
  • In "Pups Save a City Kitty", Katie asked Ryder if he could give her and Cali a ride to Jakes mountain and Ryder said he will take her up there right now and Katie thanked him for it. They were also talking about how upset Cali was going to Jakes mountain. Then after that, Ryder tells her to hop aboard and that's when they were heading to Jakes mountain. After Ryder drops them off, Katie thanked Ryder for the lift.
  • Near the end of the episode, Ryder and the pups found Cali stuck high up in a tree and Ryder told Marshall to use his ladder like a bridge to save her and it worked. Katie then thanked Ryder for again saving Cali and Ryder said whenever she or Katie takes a hike, just yelp for help.
  • In "Pups Save Luke Stars", Katie got a notification that her song has been chosen and she would sing with Luke Stars today. She gets so excited and calls Ryder and tells him in such a hyped way in which Ryder already know she was excited and also a bit nervous so he invites Katie to the lookout so the pups can help her out.

Season 5

  • In "Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save the Royal Kitties", Katie calls Ryder to tell her about what happened to the Royal Kitties.
  • In "Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save the Movie Monster", Katie and Ryder were both helping Dierdre make her movie.

Season 7

  • In "Mighty Pups, Charged Up: Pups Stop a Humdinger Horde", Ryder asked Katie if she was okay after the Mayor Humdinger clones moves her shop to a cliff were her shop was falling.
  • In "Dino Rescue: Pups Save a Sore Dino", Ryder was helping Katie with brushing the pup's teeth.
  • In "Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save the Pupmobiles", Ryder and the PAW Patrol was awarded the key to the city and after the ceremonies were over, Katie congratulated Ryder. Ryder thanked Katie and then asked if Cali was alright because she had an eye patch on her. Katie told Ryder that Cali was okay and that her eye was just irritated and the patch protects it from dust. Ryder then said, "Aww, poor Cali." and then invited Katie to join their congratulations picnic in the park because Mr. Porter made a key to the city lime pie. Katie then smiled at Ryder and then she and Cali smiled at each other.
  • Later in the episode, Ryder and Katie were together eating that lime pie and they smiled at each other while eating the pie.

Season 8

  • In "Pups and Katie stop the Barking Kitty Crew", Katie takes over for Ryder while he was away fixing Robo-Dog's Tail.
  • In "Pups Stop the Super Shaker", Ryder asked Katie if she was okay after Alex was using the Super Shaker to shake her pet parlour. Later that episode, she thanked Ryder for helping her.

Misc Trivia

  • Katie and Ryder are one of the very few humans in Paw Patrol shipped romantically together and also makes this ship very popular knowing theres no one else for these two to be romantically shipped to.
  • Katie has shown hints that she may have a crush on Ryder and the best moment was "Pups Save a Dragon" where Katie really wanted to see Ryder's reaction to having to kiss her in which she giggled when he looked nervous and put on the spot.
  • Ryder trusts Katie more than anyone else with his pups as Katie takes very good care of them, especially during baths and grooming and the best moment of that was "Pups Save a Sniffle" when Katie helped Marshall take care of the sick pups (except Rubble).

Fandom & Reception

  • Katie & Ryder has received positive reactions from fans and it is not debatable at all who else Ryder or Katie should be shipped with if they were to ever become couples.
  • There are a lot of videos, fanart, fanfiction stories, and user generated websites that show a Katie and Ryder relationship like wattpad, paw patrol-fanon-fandom, and youtube.
  • Google images has tons of Katie X Ryder pictures with hearts included.
  • Several fans of Ryder and Katie say that they would make a good couple.

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